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Senior Dating Controversy

One of the most controversial topics in many families as well society in general has to do with senior dating. Many adult sons and daughters cannot imagine their widowed or divorced parent going out on a date or meeting someone online. In fact, many think that after a certain age, adults should no longer go out on a date let alone get into an intimate relationship.

For some reason, people seem to think that dating is just for the younger crowd ? younger meaning anywhere from teens to the late forties or early fifties. But, if anyone in their sixties or seventies starts dating, people are horrified. They think that not only are seniors too old, but they should be past even being interested in such activity.

Times have changed

But times have changed, at least for the baby boomers that are now in their mid-sixties and those just a few years older. The Age of Aquarius and the societal changes of the sixties have come of age in those who are now considered the elderly. They have always been tied to change and it continues with the willingness to meet new people and continue to develop relationships that would never have been considered in former times.

Part of that change has to do with the Internet and the ability to meet people through chat rooms and online dating sites. There is a much more liberal attitude in society as a whole and seniors in particular. Unfortunately, not all adult children agree with that concept in their own family.

They are doing what?

Even when the sons and daughters of the elderly are busy with their own children, they still cannot conceive of their Mom or Dad getting romantically involved with someone. Their attitude seems to be that no one can replace their mom or dad and that no one should be allowed to step into their parent?s shoes. They also cannot conceive that their now elderly parent could ever be interested in sex or having a personal relationship with anyone.

Financial concerns

Another concern of adult children is that of the financial ramifications. The understanding in most families is that the children will often have an inheritance coming down when their parent passes away. If their parent remarries, they may, and probably will, lose much or all of that inheritance.

A sometimes valid concern regarding finances is if their parent meets someone online, or is unknown to the adult children. They may believe the person is only out for their parent?s money. That is not usually an issue if their now-single parent develops a relationship with someone they already know such as a long-time friend who is widowed or divorced.

Dating options abound

If a senior does decide to start dating, there are plenty of options as to where to meet someone. Many larger urban areas have a number of ways for seniors to meet including senior centers, meet and greets, structured community activities, and so forth. Others meet through families and friends or as they are pursuing their own interests.

A growing number of seniors are familiar with computers and find people online to talk to, even if they are not interested in getting together at that point. Online chat rooms feel relatively safe, especially as they do not have to use their real name.

The most important thing when looking for a relationship is to find someone with similar interests and beliefs. If they can spend hours talking to one another and feel comfortable about the other person, they can develop a relationship that could last for some time.

Too good to be true?

If there is any kind of unease about the person, then get out as quickly as possible. Most people have a built-in radar as to who is a good person and who is not. When meeting new people and considering whether to develop a more intimate relationship, gut instinct can go a long way. Pay attention to those inner feelings!

Most seniors are not out just for the physical relationships, they are looking for companionship and to fill a void in their lives. There is nothing wrong with a senior dating for companionship or even hoping to fall in love again. It is a personal choice that should be respected by family and friends.

If you would like further information regarding Senior Dating , you can find a number of resources at or your local library.


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