Sunday, July 8, 2012

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For an extended period of time, the world has been given to believe opposites attract, like the north poles of magnet s are drown to the south poles. Typical knowledge seems to have it that two people who are psychologically alike will struggle to sustain their relationship. I leave it to you to pick the truthfulness or otherwise of these convictions. What I know from experience is that a lot blokes that couldn?t care less about horses land up in serious relations with ladies that are pony devotees.

I have this to assert to all men who?ve no definite feelings for horses, but find themselves strongly drawn to horse-loving women: be prepared to accept 2nd place. In this type of a situation, you have to be capable of large patience, unwavering love and deep understanding. If you are the sort of man who can?t accept being in second place, I recommend that you end the relationship at the earliest opportunity, while you can still do so without rancour.

Think about some possible eventualities. You?ve got everything prepared for a weekend fall trip with your other half more than 2 months before. As you?re about to finishing stuffing your auto, your partner gets information about fresh hay being cut and sold in some local field. She has been hunting for fresh hay, and she doesn?t have any intention of losing this excellent opportunity. She knows there is a lot of wisdom in storing hay in anticipation of winter. You tell her hay can wait but your weekend trip can?t. She begs to differ, and before you know it you are at the hay field struggling with the loading of bales of hay on to your trailer. Your planned holiday has gone on vacation.

I?ve seen more men than I can remember huff and puff and threaten to blow their wives down if they ?the other halves? so much as dared to push them ?the hubbies? around, particularly in the interests of some darned pony. I?ve also seen those self same men eat crow, and lots of it without any seasoning. It looks to be a universal characteristic of horse-loving women they are sugar and spice and everything that is nice externally, but solid as teak, unbending on the inside, with no give in the slightest if it?s a question of their beloved horses. I have seen all these he-men learn the difficult way that there is just no horsing around when talking of the horse. It is far wiser to live to exercise prudence over courage.

Husbands who are 2nd selections to horses are acutely aware that their wives are ever acceptable to committing time to their horses, at the cost of any other engagement. This is all the more so with wives and horses who are into shows and events. The experienced better half leaves her hubby behind when she is away at a show, as she knows he?s going to hit back at her by griping the whole day about boredom. It?s better to allow him spend some time watching television or drinking or fishing with his chums.

It?s a kind of you scratch my back, I?ll scratch yours quid pro quo.

The queerest thing is that in spite of all its upheavals, a wedding between a man bored by horses and an other half devoted to them usually works out quite well. It is most likely because the husband would rather lose out to a horse than to another man.

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