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    Monday, December 24, 2012

    Allergies, extra weight tied to bullying

    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Kids who have food allergies or are overweight may be especially likely to get bullied by their peers, two new studies suggest.

    Not surprisingly, researchers also found targets of bullying were more distressed and anxious and had a worse quality of life, in general, than those who weren't picked on.

    Bullying has become a concern among parents, doctors and school administrators since research and news stories emerged linking bullying - including online "cyberbullying" - with depression and even suicide.

    "There has been a shift and people are more and more recognizing that bullying has real consequences, it's not just something to be making jokes about," said Dr. Mark Schuster, chief of general pediatrics at Boston Children's Hospital and a professor at Harvard Medical School, who wrote a commentary published with the new research.

    Studies suggest between one in ten and one in three of all kids and teens are bullied - but those figures may vary by location and demographics, researchers noted.

    The new findings come from two studies published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

    In one, Dr. Eyal Shemesh from the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York and his colleagues surveyed 251 kids who were seen at an allergy clinic and their parents. The children were all between age eight and 17 with a diagnosed food allergy.

    Just over 45 percent of them said they'd been bullied or harassed for any reason, and 32 percent reported being bullied because of their allergy in particular.

    "Our finding is entirely consistently with what you find with children with a disability," Shemesh told Reuters Health.

    A food allergy, he said, "is a vulnerability that can be very easily exploited, so of course it will be exploited."

    The kids in the study were mostly white and well-off, the researcher said - a group that you'd expect would be targeted less often. So bullying may be more common in poorer and minority children who also have food allergies.

    But allergies aren't the only cause of teasing and harassment by peers.

    In another study, researchers from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, found that almost two-thirds of 361 teens enrolled in weight-loss camps had been bullied due to their size.

    That likelihood increased with weight, so that the heaviest kids had almost a 100 percent chance of being bullied, Rebecca Puhl and her colleagues found. Verbal teasing was the most common form of bullying, but more than half of bullied kids reported getting taunted online or through texts and emails as well.


    Shemesh's team found only about half of parents knew when their food-allergic child was being bullied, and kids tended to be better off when their families were aware of the problem.

    He said parents should feel comfortable asking kids if they're being bothered at school or elsewhere - and that even if it only happens once, bullying shouldn't be ignored.

    "We want parents to know," he said. "Start the conversation."

    "Parents whose kids have a food allergy should really be aware that their kids have the kind of characteristic that often leads to being bullied," Schuster told Reuters Health. "They should be working with the school to handle the food allergy in a way that isn't going to make it more likely that their kids will be bullied - and they need to be attuned to their kids."

    That's the same for parents of overweight and obese children, he added.

    "Kids need their parents to be their allies in these situations," he said. "Their parents can help them still feel strong."

    SOURCE: Pediatrics, online December 24, 2012.


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    'Hobbit' extends No. 1 journey with $36.7 million

    From left, Andy Serkis, Peter Jackson, James Nesbitt, Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett, Richard Armitage and Ian McKellan at the UK premiere of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" at The Odeon Leicester Square,London on Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012. (Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

    From left, Andy Serkis, Peter Jackson, James Nesbitt, Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett, Richard Armitage and Ian McKellan at the UK premiere of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" at The Odeon Leicester Square,London on Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012. (Photo by Jon Furniss/Invision/AP)

    FILE - This publicity film image released by Paramount Pictures shows Tom Cruise in a scene from "Jack Reacher." Cruise plays a former military cop investigating a sniper case. Just turned 50, and just out with his latest action flick, ?Jack Reacher,? Cruise remains one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. (AP Photo/Paramount Pictures, Karen Ballard, File)

    (AP) ? Tiny hobbit Bilbo Baggins is running circles around some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

    Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" took in $36.7 million to remain No. 1 at the box office for the second-straight weekend, easily beating a rush of top-name holiday newcomers.

    Part one of Jackson's prelude to his "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, the Warner Bros. release raised its domestic total to $149.9 million after 10 days. The film added $91 million overseas to bring its international total to $284 million and its worldwide haul to $434 million.

    "The Hobbit" took a steep 57 percent drop from its domestic $84.6 million opening weekend, but business was soft in general as many people skipped movies in favor of last-minute Christmas preparations.

    "The real winner this weekend might be holiday shopping," said Paul Dergarabedian, an analyst for box-office tracker

    Tom Cruise's action thriller "Jack Reacher" debuted in second-place with a modest $15.6 million debut, according to studio estimates Sunday. Based on the Lee Child best-seller "One Shot," the Paramount Pictures release stars Cruise as a lone-wolf ex-military investigator tracking a sniper conspiracy.

    Opening at No. 3 with $12 million was Judd Apatow's marital comedy "This Is 40," a Universal Pictures film featuring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann reprising their roles from the director's 2007 hit "Knocked Up."

    Paramount's road-trip romp "The Guilt Trip," featuring "Knocked Up" star Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand, debuted weakly at No. 6 with $5.4 million over the weekend and $7.4 million since it opened Wednesday. Playing in narrower release, Paramount's acrobatic fantasy "Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away" debuted at No. 11 with $2.1 million.

    A 3-D version of Disney's 2001 animated blockbuster "Monsters, Inc." also had a modest start at No. 7 with $5 million over the weekend and $6.5 million since opening Wednesday.

    Domestic business was off for the first time in nearly two months. Overall revenues totaled $112 million, down 12.6 percent from the same weekend last year, when Cruise's "Mission: Impossible ? Ghost Protocol" debuted with $29.6 million, according to

    Cruise's "Jack Reacher" opened at barely half the level as "Ghost Protocol," but with a $60 million budget, the new flick cost about $100 million less to make.

    Starting on Christmas, Hollywood expects a big week of movie-going with schools out through New Year's Day and many adults taking time off. So Paramount and other studios are counting on strong business for films that started slowly this weekend.

    "'Jack Reacher' will end up in a very good place. The movie will be profitable for Paramount," said Don Harris, the studio's head of distribution. "The first time I saw the movie I saw dollar signs. It certainly wasn't intended to be compared to a 'Mission: Impossible,' though."

    Likewise, Warner Bros. is looking for steady crowds for "The Hobbit" over the next week, despite the debut of two huge newcomers ? the musical "Les Miserables" and the action movie "Django Unchained" ? on Christmas Day.

    "We haven't reached the key holiday play time yet," said Dan Fellman, head of distribution for Warner. "It explodes on Tuesday and goes right through the end of the year."

    In limited release, Kathryn Bigelow's Osama bin Laden manhunt saga "Zero Dark Thirty" played to packed houses with $410,000 in just five theaters, averaging a huge $82,000 a cinema.

    That compares to a $4,654 average in 3,352 theaters for "Jack Reacher" and a $4,130 average in 2,913 cinemas for "This Is 40." ''The Guilt Trip" averaged $2,217 in 2,431 locations, and "Monsters, Inc." averaged $1,925 in 2,618 cinemas. Playing just one matinee and one evening show a day at 840 theaters, "Cirque du Soleil" averaged $2,542.

    Since opening Wednesday, "Zero Dark Thirty" has taken in $639,000. Distributor Sony plans to expand the acclaimed film to nationwide release Jan. 11, amid film honors and nominations leading up to the Feb. 24 Academy Awards.

    Opening in 15 theaters from Lionsgate banner Summit Entertainment, Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor's tsunami-survival drama "The Impossible" took in $138,750 for an average of $9,250.

    A fourth new release from Paramount, "The Sopranos" creator David Chase's 1960s rock 'n' roll tale "Not Fade Away," debuted with $19,000 in three theaters, averaging $6,333.

    Estimated ticket sales for Friday through Sunday at U.S. and Canadian theaters, according to Where available, latest international numbers are also included. Final domestic figures will be released Monday.

    1. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," $36.7 million ($91 million international).

    2. "Jack Reacher," $15.6 million ($2.5 million international).

    3. "This Is 40," $12 million.

    4. "Rise of the Guardians," $5.9 million ($13.7 million international).

    5. "Lincoln," $5.6 million.

    6. "The Guilt Trip," $5.4 million.

    7. "Monsters, Inc." in 3-D, $5 million.

    8. "Skyfall," $4.7 million ($9 million international),

    9. "Life of Pi," $3.8 million ($23.2 million international).

    10. "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn ? Part 2," $2.6 million.




    Universal and Focus are owned by NBC Universal, a unit of Comcast Corp.; Sony, Columbia, Sony Screen Gems and Sony Pictures Classics are units of Sony Corp.; Paramount is owned by Viacom Inc.; Disney, Pixar and Marvel are owned by The Walt Disney Co.; Miramax is owned by Filmyard Holdings LLC; 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight are owned by News Corp.; Warner Bros. and New Line are units of Time Warner Inc.; MGM is owned by a group of former creditors including Highland Capital, Anchorage Advisors and Carl Icahn; Lionsgate is owned by Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.; IFC is owned by AMC Networks Inc.; Rogue is owned by Relativity Media LLC.

    Associated Press


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    Sunday, December 23, 2012

    Self Improvement Times: Time Management Tips - 3 Essential Time ...

    Time management tips address your baseline needs - like accomplishing the top tasks on your to do list before you are overwhelmed by a swiftly advancing deadline. Sometimes, though, to do lists become so overwhelming that you avoid them. Here are some ways you can keep your lists working for you, not against you, by using techniques employed by top executives.

    How Savvy Efficiency Experts Work at Top Capacity Using Lists

    You can revolutionize your effectiveness by taking just five minutes at the beginning and end of your day. Try these 3 tips when setting up your schedule:

    1. Plan by creating a To Do List.
    2. Prioritize and consolidate.
    3. Review your To Do List(s).

    It's most helpful to use each tip daily, and the next 3 points provide helpful perspective:

    Finding the time to plan is like scanning the landscape from up in the air.

    You need to get a comprehensive overview, note any barriers, and establish your route. Fundamentally, you're deciding how you will travel through your day.

    This is the most important part of your process. Without daily planning, you'll be setting out on your day without a compass. Sooner or later, you could get lost, and fall farther behind as you work to regain your bearings! When you navigate your day, it's essential to know where you're starting, where you want to end up, and the major intersections and turning points along the way.

    Of course, even with an excellent plan, you may need to make changes as the day unfolds. The gift of making a plan is that it helps you clarify your priorities. When you map out your priorities, you can quickly decide on alternate routes when unforeseen events arise. You needn't go into a lot of detail about those routes, but it's important (and reassuring) to know that they're there. You'll transition with more ease on short notice.

    Prioritizing and then consolidating your tasks.

    Prioritizing and then consolidating your tasks provides huge dividends in your day, yet only requires a few minutes here and there. As you scan your To Do List, highlight the 3 tasks that you absolutely want to accomplish, no matter what.

    Whenever you have tasks that can easily be put together, be sure to connect them. This not only saves time, but helps you maintain your focus, as well. For example, you might group errands that involve stops close to one another, putting all of your computer-related tasks in the same time slot, etc.

    Taking time to review at the end of the day gives you a much-needed boost!

    Create a special time slot to tweak your To Do List for the next day. When you are relatively relaxed and focused, adjust your priorities, reflect on any lessons learned, and then let go of it all as you head to bed.

    Letting go is a wonderful benefit of utilizing this process. As your reach the end of your day, you can release any worries that you might be carrying. Your action steps are organized on your list, and you will start addressing them in the morning. Your sleep will be more restful, and you'll have more energy as the next day begins!

    So, what can you do right now to safeguard more time and to use these 3 essential ways to make planning work for you?

    Sign up for our free gift, "The New Finding Time Boundary Template: 9 Simple, Sequential Steps to Find More Time and Recharge Your Energy!" at

    This time template plus workbook will help you move beyond overwhelm and frustration. You'll find 24 hours really are enough!

    Offered to you by Paula Eder, the Time Finder Expert.

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    Data Recovery Tools: What is Computer Information Technology ...

    Q. Hello I am majoring in business and now thinking about switching to computers I'm really good with technology, Electronics, fixing and etc. I wanted to know what is Information Technology and everything about it?

    Thank You

    A. IT is really about designing and securing computers systems so devices can communicate with each other and provide data and resources to their human partners.

    To give you the background - There are several main Computer career categories and you need to know these just to get the lay of the land. If this is redundant info that you already know, apologies:

    Computer Science - A technical degree which usually has a Programming emphasis - people with this major usually are developing application software, web development, embedded code and robotics. Sometimes depending on the college the degree may cover some more general topics as listed under CIS below.

    Computer Information Systems (CIS) This is a general technical degree. Holders of these degree work in a variety of technical jobs like these:
    Computer Technician, Service Center Coordinator, Help Desk Staff, Storage Administrator, Network Administrator, Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer, Enterprise Administrator, Active Directory Administrator, Exchange and Messaging Administrator, Backup Administrator, Disaster Recovery Specialist, Database Administrator, Computing Security Specialist, Corporate IT Acquisition Specialist and Data Center Administrator, just to name a few.

    Computer Engineering - This is a technical engineering and design degree. These degree holders get jobs related to designing and manufacturing computer related hardware.

    Management Information Systems (MIS) - This is a business degree that prepares non-technically trained people to manage projects, budgets and people. Traditionally, senior IT technical pros would eventually be promoted into management positions after years of technical work. The good news is they understood technical challenges their people were working with but the bad news was that some were great tech people but poor people managers. The idea with the MIS degree is to provide business training that is slanted towards managing IT work. Business Colleges like to offer this degree because management principles change must less frequently that technical info where there is always a new operating system or new programming language. This means they can have the same classes, same books and same course titles year after year. In a technical major the technology changes very fast. I have had both types of managers and the new trend is definitely towards these non-technical managers. A lot of them are showing up in the large company I work for.

    Best Wishes!

    How to recover deleted files ? emergency help plez?

    Q. i mistakenly deleted all files on my hard drive, due to huge data its dleted from recycle bin as well !

    A. There are several programs you can use to recover your data...some are free, others are not. The free ones are as good as their commercial conterpart.

    Keep in mind that you must not install these programs or configure it to put temporary and recoverd files in the drive you want to recover files from.

    If all else fails and the data are really important to you, contact a trusted data recovery firms like Ontrack which will charge you fees but will give desirable results.

    Try these free ones:
    PC Inspector?s File Recovery:

    Undelete Plus:


    TestDisk & PhotoRec:


    Free Ontrack Quote:
    If you decide to use this option (Ontrack), better check out the free online quote and enjoy free upgrade to expedited service upon entering or mentioning CUS1042972 as partner code.

    Write a detailed note on Transaction processing system (TPS)


    A. From a technical perspective, a Transaction Processing System (or Transaction Processing Monitor) monitors transaction programs, a special kind of programs. The essence of a transaction program is that it manages data that must be left in a consistent state. E.g. if an electronic payment is made, the amount must be either both withdrawn from one account and added to the other, or none at all. In case of a failure preventing transaction completion, the partially executed transaction must be 'rolled back' by the TPS. While this type of integrity must be provided also for batch transaction processing, it is particularly important for online processing: if e.g. an airline seat reservation system is accessed by multiple operators, after an empty seat inquiry, the seat reservation data must be locked until the reservation is made, otherwise another user may get the impression a seat is still free while it is actually being booked at the time. Without proper transaction monitoring, double bookings may occur. Other transaction monitor functions include deadlock detection and resolution (deadlocks may be inevitable in certain cases of cross-dependence on data), and transaction logging (in 'journals') for 'forward recovery' in case of massive failures.

    The success of commercial enterprises depends on the reliable processing of transactions to ensure that customer orders are met on time, and that partners and suppliers are paid and can make payment. The field of transaction processing, therefore, has become a vital part of effective business management, led by such organizations as the Association for Work Process Improvement and the Transaction Processing Performance Council.

    Transaction processing systems offer enterprises the means to rapidly process transactions to ensure the smooth flow of data and the progression of processes throughout the enterprise. Typically, a TPS will exhibit the following characteristics:

    Rapid Processing

    The rapid processing of transactions is vital to the success of any enterprise ? now more than ever, in the face of advancing technology and customer demand for immediate action. TPS systems are designed to process transactions virtually instantly to ensure that customer data is available to the processes that require it.


    Similarly, customers will not tolerate mistakes. TPS systems must be designed to ensure that not only do transactions never slip past the net, but that the systems themselves remain operational permanently. TPS systems are therefore designed to incorporate comprehensive safeguards and disaster recovery systems. These measures keep the failure rate well within tolerance levels.


    Transactions must be processed in the same way each time to maximise efficiency. To ensure this, TPS interfaces are designed to acquire identical data for each transaction, regardless of the customer.

    Controlled Access

    Since TPS systems can be such a powerful business tool, access must be restricted to only those employees who require their use. Restricted access to the system ensures that employees who lack the skills and ability to control it cannot influence the transaction process.

    Transactions Processing Qualifiers

    In order to qualify as a TPS, transactions made by the system must pass the ACID test. The ACID tests refers to the following four prerequisites:


    Atomicity means that a transaction is either completed in full or not at all. For example, if funds are transferred from one account to another, this only counts as a bone fide transaction if both the withdrawal and deposit take place. If one account is debited and the other is not credited, it does not qualify as a transaction. TPS systems ensure that transactions take place in their entirety.


    TPS systems exist within a set of operating rules (or integrity constraints). If an integrity constraint states that all transactions in a database must have a positive value, any transaction with a negative value would be refused.


    Transactions must appear to take place in isolation. For example, when a fund transfer is made between two accounts the debiting of one and the crediting of another must appear to take place simultaneously. The funds cannot be credited to an account before they are debited from another.


    Once transactions are completed they cannot be undone. To ensure that this is the case even if the TPS suffers failure, a log will be created to document all completed transactions.

    These four conditions ensure that TPS systems carry out their transactions in a methodical, standardised and reliable manner.

    Types of Transactions

    While the transaction process must be standardised to maximise efficiency, every enterprise requires a tailored transaction process that aligns with its business strategies and processes. For this reason, there are two broad types of transaction:

    Batch Processing

    Batch processing is a resource-saving transaction type that stores data for processing at pre-defined times. Batch processing is useful for enterprises that need to process large amounts of data using limited resources.

    Examples of batch processing include credit card transactions, for which the transactions are processed monthly rather than in real time. Credit card transactions need only be processed once a month in order to produce a statement for the customer, so batch processing saves IT resources from having to process each transaction individually.

    Real Time Processing

    In many circumstances the primary factor is speed. For example, when a bank customer withdraws a sum of money from his or her account it is vital that the transaction be processed and the account balance updated as soon as possible, allowing both the bank and customer to keep track of funds.

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    U.S. Shooting Deaths Since Sandy Hook Top 100

    WASHINGTON -- The night after Sandy Hook, a gunman pulled behind a car in Kansas City's east side and opened fire, striking 4-year-old Aydan Perea in the head. The boy had just gotten into his father's car.

    ?He was innocent and he was just lifeless,? said the first bystander to reach Aydan. ?All my life I?ve never seen nothing so devastating. I?m unable to eat, I?m unable to sleep because I see this baby in my head."

    It was not the pre-schooler's first brush with gun violence. A year earlier, a gunman fired a shotgun at the house where Aydan had been staying. No one was injured, but bullets shattered a front window and riddled a parked car. This week, days after the drive-by shooting, doctors declared the boy brain dead.

    Aydan's mother said her world has "stopped."

    In the week following the Sandy Hook massacre, a body was found inside a vacant house, at a car wash, in a bodega. They were discovered on a bike trail, in a backyard, inside the front office of a motel, in an idling Chevy pickup. They were the 67th murder in their city and the 88th and the 124th.

    All had one thing in common: the murder weapon. All died from gunshots. Shots to the head. Multiples to the chest. And so on.

    This week, as mourners gathered in Newtown, Conn., to bury Sandy Hook Elementary's dead, and a nation renewed its debate over guns, the shootings did not stop. The Huffington Post spent the week tracking gun-related homicides and accidents throughout the U.S., logging more than 100 from Google and Nexis searches. This is by no means a definitive tally. In 2010, there were more than twice that many homicides alone in an average week.

    There were murder-suicides. One was shot in the face while sleeping, a baby sound asleep in a crib nearby. One was a grandmother on her way home from a store.

    On Saturday afternoon, a 3-year-old in Guthrie, Okla., died after accidentally shooting himself in the head with a gun he found inside his aunt and uncle's house. His uncle is an Oklahoma state trooper.

    "Nobody should have to go through something like that," a resident said during a candlelight vigil for the boy. An aunt at the vigil said, "We are all so close to him. My brother here visited him three times a week and my mom babysat him twice a week."

    Paul Sampleton Jr., 14, was bound and shot in his Gwinnett County, Ga., townhome on Wednesday afternoon. His father found him in the kitchen. Police suspect a robbery motive.

    "He was smiling, listening to music," a friend recalled to a local reporter. "He got on his bus, I got on mine. We were all happy."

    A 20-year-old man shot and killed Veronica Soto, a young mother of two, in an apparent road rage incident on Thursday. Soto and her husband had gone out to a nearby Jack in the Box in the Houston area when they became involved in a confrontation with drivers in two other cars. The accused killer Mark Trevino, and the victim's husband pulled guns.

    "Investigators said Mark Trevino came to a stop, ran into his home on Addicks-Clodine, grabbed a rifle and started shooting. Soto was shot in the head. Her husband also pulled out his gun. 'They started shooting back and forth and the bullet went through the windshield, hit her and went out the back windshield,' said Matthew Soto, the victim?s brother-in-law," reported a Houston television station.

    The station continued: "Soto?s distraught husband drove to his sister-in-law?s house on Las Brisas near Plaza Libre for help, but it was too late. The mother collapsed and died at the scene."

    Soto had two daughters, ages 7 and 14. She just turned 30.

    In Georgetown, Ohio, a 71-year-old man was arrested on Sunday after shooting his adult son John Louderback in the chest. The sheriff's office said the man called 911 and confessed.

    Ramona Foreman was found shot in the doorway of the Oakland, Calif., 92nd Avenue Head Start office. The 48-year-old and her sister were walking home from a store when shots rang out. Foreman had been the innocent victim of a drive-by shooting. The victim's stepdaughter told a reporter that her grandmother was the 13th person she knows killed this year.

    Deputy Sheriff Christopher Parsons, 31, worked the early-morning shift on Saturday, when he took an emergency call to assist an unconscious woman at a trailer park in Mineral Point, Mo. As he helped place the woman in the ambulance, her son came out of the mobile home and fired a rifle, killing Parsons.

    The deputy had been on the police force for two months. "He had so completely figured things out and had worked so hard," his mother told a reporter.

    On Sunday in New Orleans, three people were shot and killed, including 18-year-old Lawrence Burt, 56-year-old Vivian Snyder, and a 56-year-old Jefferson Parish taxi driver Joseph Wilfred, who was shot behind the wheel. According to an account, he'd been on the job for about three weeks.

    That same afternoon, 25-year-old Krystal Garcia Nacoa was allegedly shot to death by her husband, Leonardo Nacoa, 26, at their Porterville, Calif., home. Police found the husband's cell phone number and called it multiple times, until the man finally picked up. He admitted that he had fled across the border to Mexico. Police were able to get Nacoa to surrender.

    His three young children were inside the home at the time of the shooting and weren't physically hurt.

    Mark Hanrahan, Melissa Jeltsen, Alana Horowitz, Benjamin Hart, and Adam Goldberg contributed reporting.

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    TD Bank mountain lion hanley ramirez Christian Bale visits victims

    Monday, December 3, 2012

    Chiefs players, coaches try to make sense of the impossible

    Members of the media gather outside Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday. (US Presswire)

    Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn thought he was in for another ordinary Saturday at the Truman Complex, the Chiefs' practice facility. He was made aware of a very different series of circumstances when he arrived?Saturday morning and found that police had blocked off his parking space.

    The complex was on lockdown after 25-year-old Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher took his own life outside the team's offices with general manager Scott Pioli, head coach Romeo Crennel and defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs as horrified witnesses. He had done so after shooting and killing his 22-year-old girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, and leaving their 3-month-old daughter without a mother or father.

    (Getty Images)Quinn was told by police to park his car up a hill near Arrowhead Stadium, where many of his teammates had already gathered. Crennel told his players what had happened at a 9:30 team meeting.

    "It was obviously tough for Coach to have to tell us that," Quinn told the Kansas City Star. "He really wasn't able to finish talking to us. We got together and prayed and then we moved on."

    Moving on was all the Chiefs could do. After talking to NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made the call for the team to go on with their Sunday game against the Carolina Panthers, a game the Chiefs will host at Arrowhead. The decision was certainly controversial, and many believe out of place, but it's important to remember that this was a decision the Chiefs made.

    [Related: Former Belcher teammate writes about Chiefs tragedy]

    As Quinn said, that decision wasn't made without considering all the aspects and angles.

    "I think everyone is just so shocked at what had taken place, being who it was and being what had happened. I think people are still trying to digest everything let alone think about playing a game. It's tough to put into words.

    "It's hard mostly because I keep thinking about what I could have done to stop this. I think everyone is wondering whether we would have done something to prevent this from happening.

    "And then we're all thinking about his daughter, three months old and without a parent. It's hard to not allow the emotions of the situation to creep into your head with the game this close. But we're going to do the best we can to concentrate on the task at hand."

    Perhaps the most confounding aspect of this story is that there doesn't seem to be any public record of Belcher having personal issues of any sort -- certainly nothing that would have led those who knew him to think that this was remotely possible. Raibonne Charles, who played defense at the University of Maine with Belcher, told the Kansas City Star that this came out of nowhere.

    "This wasn't forthcoming of his character. Jovan is a very passionate, very emotional person, and you could tell that by watching him play the game. But this is a shock to us all."

    That has to be a problem, and it leaves Belcher's teammates reflecting on what they could have done to help. Quinn had no idea what was tormenting Belcher. But it's beyond disconcerting when you spend day after day in a locker room and on a field with a man and you don't have any idea what's in his heart until something like this happens.

    "As players and teammates, we need to do a better job of reaching out to people and trying to be more involved and more invested in their lives," Quinn said. "You never really know what's going on in someone life, what they're struggling with or what they're battling through."

    That's hard to do in an environment where toughness is a primary attribute, and plain is a pure liability. Especially in a grind of a season like the 1-10 Chiefs are going through, it's all to easy to put your head down, soldier on, and miss what's right in front of you.

    [Michael Silver: NFL shouldn't force Chiefs to play in wake of tragedy]

    Then again, nobody seems to understand why Belcher did what he did. Nobody seemed to see the signs ? if there were any. Belcher's agent, Joe Linta, saw the man and the player in a very different light.

    "Jovan was a happy, proud father, with pictures of his baby on his Facebook page," Linta told Sports Illustrated. "This is shocking. Something went crazy wrong, and we'll probably never know what it is.

    "He came to my youth clinics in the offseason and worked with kids. He was a gracious, unselfish, hard-working, dedicated kid ? very, very caring of some of the underprivileged kids who came to the clinics. I saw him in a real positive way."

    Quinn was with the Denver Broncos when receiver Kenny McKinley took his life in September, 2010, which gives him a different and unfortunate perspective when it comes to losing a teammate like this.

    "There's really not any words that can describe the emotions that are involved," Quinn said, when recalling McKinley and trying to tie his suicide to what Belcher did.

    "The big thing is [Belcher's] daughter. I know a bunch of the guys are going to try to set up a fund to try to take care of his daughter. Her parents are not in her life anymore."

    In the end, that's all the Chiefs can really do. Remembrance is important, especially if something can be learned about counseling for players who need it. Time to heal is key, and the ability to allow oneself to grieve in the season is just as important. NFL players may have it in their heads that they're invincible, and that mindset seems to be a necessity in today's game, but there comes a point when even the toughest guys need to take stock and try to reconcile those things that just don't seem to add up.

    Those who are used to ignoring pain need to feel it. Now, more than ever.

    More Belcher coverage on Yahoo! Sports
    ? Mayor: Chiefs GM Scott Pioli 'very emotional' after witnessing suicide
    ? Chiefs-Panthers will play at regularly scheduled time on Sunday
    ? Deaths in K.C. are latest in tragic year for the NFL


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    Acer unveils TravelMate B113 ultraportable with student-friendly $399 price

    Acer unveils TravelMate B113 ultraportable with studentfriendly $399 price tag

    Acer's TravelMate line of notebooks usually skews toward the business set, but its latest model is made for that other breed of on-the-go types: students. The new TravelMate B113 is an 11.6-incher weighing in at three pounds and measuring one inch thick. Processor options top out a Core i3 Ivy Bridge CPU with 4GB of RAM, and the hard drive offers a max capacity of 500GB. The 11.6-inch display sports a ho-hum resolution of 1,366 x 768 -- and isn't touch-enabled for Windows 8 -- but then again we're looking at a price of $399 and up. The B113 is available now at authorized resellers -- head past the break for the full presser.

    Continue reading Acer unveils TravelMate B113 ultraportable with student-friendly $399 price

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    Napoleon's coded Kremlin letter sold for $243,500

    FONTAINEBLEAU, France (AP) ? A secret code letter sent in 1812 by Napoleon Bonaparte boasting that his French forces would blow up Moscow's Kremlin has sold at auction for ten times its estimated presale price.

    A Paris museum ? the Museum of Letters and Manuscripts ? was finalizing its purchase of the Oct. 20, 1812, document for ?187,500 ($243,500), including fees. That's far above the pre-sale estimate of ?15,000 ($19,500).

    Auctioneers at Fontainebleau Auction House south of Paris say the letter sold Sunday is unique. It was written in a numeric code used by the French ruler to throw off would-be interceptors. Its content bared the strains on Napoleon of his calamitous Russian invasion.

    One line said: "At three o'clock in the morning, on the 22nd I am going to blow up the Kremlin."


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    Sunday, December 2, 2012

    Nurses' certification could hinge on CMEs : Kaieteur News

    Nurses may soon be subjected to mandatory Continuous Medical Education (CME) sessions as part of their registration process. Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, made reference to such a development on Friday when he addressed a Midwives? Conference at the Regency Suites/Hotel, Hadfield Street, Georgetown.
    According to him ?I would like to see it become mandatory, like among the doctors, that you have legislation for continuing medical education?not two lectures now here and two lectures in another Region.? The Minister spoke of the need for a raft of actions similar to what obtains in the Medical profession adding that ?continuous medical education will have to be a must.?
    ?In other words you cannot say ?I am a midwife and sit on my laurels and I will automatically get promotion or I will continue to be employed??so that certification process should include mandatory Continuing Medical Education,? insisted the Minister.
    It is his expectation that the Midwives Association, which was formed out of the need for midwives to take responsibility for the development of the profession and the provision of quality midwifery services, would adopt a robust approach in this regard.
    Besides this, the Minister said that he is anxious to see efforts being engaged to actively review cases of maternal mortality this year and using them as the basis for teacher materials.
    ?At the same time I would like to see you reaching beyond your immediate profession or circle in this regard. Talk to the doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation; bring them in, you have to have that group approach,? said the Minister.
    Friday?s conference saw efforts being made to underscore the importance of training midwives not merely to ensure that they were qualified but to ensure that they were a part of a team. It was with this in mind, the Minister said, that ?I want to see a CME type review. We need to analyse mistakes that were made. The analysis is not that this year we had less deaths and last year we had more, but we have to look at the various cases vigorously? .
    Of importance, he asserted, is the need to examine closely, cases that professionals were delinquent in submitting since June of this year. The Minister was at the time referring to maternal mortality cases that are gaining the attention of Cabinet.
    ?We are somewhat alarmed at the level of Cabinet about the maternal mortality deaths. We have been agitated by this since around November 2010 and then there were two consecutive media reports of maternal deaths?.?
    According to the Minister he still awaits reports on maternal deaths that were reported in the media ??Cabinet and I am displeased that since June of this year I have not received a single report concerning even those high profile maternal deaths.?
    The onus is on midwives, he stressed, to take pride in their conduct even as he reflected on the practice of a few old individuals within the profession.
    ?In the old days I know midwives used to keep journals of how many deliveries they did and I have been told by the Chief Medical Officer that there is an old midwife in the Mabaruma area who still, up to recently, continues that practice.?
    Such actions, he intimated, will allow for midwives to follow their work and easily detect an interesting case when it occurs and even seek to uncover ways to embrace self-development.
    Elaborating on the notion of self-development, the Minister said that it is imperative that, particularly the young midwives learn about the use of various drugs that might have been recommended or issued by doctors.
    ?These are things I want you to do to probably improve your Association and practice on the ward. Here you would actually be showing leadership, because when there is a contentious case, for example a maternal death and in some instances a near miss, you will be able to consult?.?
    Embracing the motto ?Midwives: making a difference in the lives of women, children, families and communities? the Midwives Association was officially launched on May 6, 2009. Since then, midwives have organised and conducted continuing education sessions and held yearly conferences which also provide an environment for fostering unity and networking. With a membership of 85, it was just recently accepted as a member of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) which supports, advises and strengthens associations of midwives across the world.


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    Quick and Easy Home Detox Tips |

    Detoxification, or ?detox? as its commonly known in health circles, is the process of eliminating the pollutants from one?s body in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle. There are many toxins in today?s environment, be they in the atmosphere or the food we eat. Smoke, chemicals, food additives, all these things conspire to put more strain on the vital cleansing organs, like the kidneys and colon. Detox regimens and full-body cleanses became popular as a way to offset the negative effects of the pollutants we all encounter on a daily basis.

    The end goal of any detox regimen should be to clear the body of chemicals and toxins and restart the system on a healthier track. To this end there are many cleanses and detox programs on the market, all of them promising to work wonders for the human body. But there?s no need to purchase pricey products or adhere to a convoluted, long-term, full-on body detox when there are steps that anyone can take at home to cleanse the body and promote a healthier lifestyle.

    With that in mind, here are some quick and inexpensive ways to detox at home.


    Those suffering from stress headaches or fatigue due to overwork may want to consider some form of cleanse. The best place to start on a detox is by making sure the body gets enough water. A simple cleanse involves sipping hot water periodically throughout the day, as the heat helps to flush areas of the body where cold water has little effect. And by adding lemon juice to a cup of water once a day will help to cleanse the liver.

    One popular solvent solution geared towards curbing dehydration and mental fatigue involves boiling three pints of water with two slices of ginger and two or three peppercorns for 10 minutes. The properties of the ginger and peppercorns will infuse with the water and make for a healthy drink that one should sip periodically throughout the day.

    Aside from water and solvents there are a number of healthy, every-day juices, such as orange, cranberry and red grape juice, that are great cleansing agents. And green tea is highly recommended for its antioxidant effects.


    A 20-minute walks a day is a great natural cleanse because a number of things occur during the process. The body produces light, cleansing sweat during a brisk walk and the motion of the stomach muscles massages the colon. Not only that, but the circulation caused by walking has the direct result of cleansing the lymphatic system. Those interested in a healthier lifestyle and natural detox solutions would do well to make daily walks a part of their health regimen.


    Many people may not know that brushing the skin is an effective detox method. That?s because it clears the body of dead cells and promotes a healthier lymphatic system. The best part is that it can be incorporated into almost any daily body-maintenance regimen. Simply set aside three or so minutes a day and brush the skin with a natural-bristle brush. It?s recommended to use long strokes and work up the body towards the chest, making sure to cover the palms and foot soles.


    Health experts agree that cleaning the tongue twice a day rids the mouth of bacteria, which in turn rids the body of toxins and promotes greater overall health. It?s a simple procedure that involves scraping the tongue from back to front once or twice with a soft-bristled brush or ?tongue scraper,? which is an implement available from many health-food stores or pharmacies.

    These are just a few detox methods most people can incorporate into their daily routine for little or no money. But as any nutritionist will tell you, cleanses alone will not do the trick. One has to make the commitment to a healthier lifestyle and maintain proper diet and exercise in order to see long-term results.

    Nick Simpson is the Social Media?Coodinator?at?Glasstic, a company specializing in a?Glass Water Bottle and?BPA Free?Waterbottle for fitness and earth?concious?consumers.


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    Saturday, December 1, 2012

    Keep on top of EA's Daily Deals with a handy homescreen widget

    Android Central

    Electronic Arts is currently offering up a series of deals every day, funnily enough known as the EA Daily Deals. The offers vary as one would expect, but to help us keep an eye on what's up for grabs each day, EA has released a handy homescreen widget. It basically cycles through the full list of current deals, and when you see one that catches your eye, tapping on it will take you right into the Play Store listing for that app. 

    Upon installing and launching, you'll be asked if it's OK to provide EA with a bunch of information about your device and your location. Hopefully, this means the deals you see will actually be available on your device and in your region. Something not always the case with EA games in the past. It isn't compatible with the lockscreen on Android 4.2 though, so it's homescreen only for this one. 

    North American's should hit the Google Play link above, and for our International friends, head to the download link below. 

    via Droidgamers

    Download: EA Daily Deals (International)


    Sephora Cyber Monday 2012 patriots detroit lions Thanksgiving Day

    96% The House I Live In

    All Critics (47) | Top Critics (17) | Fresh (45) | Rotten (2)

    The House I Live In is a work of journalism, not propaganda: Jarecki has done his research and leaves it to you to decide what to make of it.

    If [it] takes a while to focus, it eventually becomes the conversation starter the subject desperately needs.

    Jarecki takes a highly original approach to create a compelling, thought-provoking look at a highly relevant and controversial topic.

    An absorbing, disturbing sit.

    It's a film as profoundly sad as it is enraging and potentially galvanizing, and it's one of the most important pieces of nonfiction to hit the screen in years.

    Jarecki's case is so compelling that, when he concludes by comparing the drug war to the Holocaust, the obvious charge of hyperbole doesn't quite stick.

    One of the finest documentaries of the year, this involving film is lucid, sharply well shot and edited, and ultimately so important that it's rather terrifying to watch.

    A wide-ranging examination of the futile, self-defeating "war on drugs" ...

    One of the best documentaries out this year, and a must-see for Senate and Congress in America.

    An angry and personal attack on America's war on drugs contends it is a grotesquely wasteful public-works scheme.

    Jarecki is a stickler for sticking to his subject, or sub-subject, until it squeals like a leech victim.

    Jarecki offers 100 small conclusions rather than one big one for you to take away.

    This urgent and formidably smart movie - perhaps the year's most important political documentary - has opened minds and changed laws already.

    Tells a complex story with troubling ease.

    Persuasively argues that punitive laws against users have historically involved disproportionately targeting poor, non-white communities.

    Jarecki's parade of experts and eyewitnesses is impressive, as are his arguments that race and class prejudice enter into the policing efforts of America's drug warriors.

    Jarecki's conclusion is powerfully plausible

    There's no confusion about Jarecki's point of view in The House I Live In- he's out to make the case that America's drug laws cause far more damage, to individuals and communities, than drug use ever has

    The film deserves credit for offering a unique perspective on a relevant social issue.

    The House I Live In is depressing stuff, but it sparks the fires of anger, and from that anger, possible action.

    This film could serve as a potent tool for those trying to change 40 years of public policy.

    A thought-provoking, compelling documentary that encourages you to look at our national drug policy in a broader context.

    Statistics abound in this thorough analysis of the declared war [on drugs] that, like Vietnam, we are losing.

    No quotes approved yet for The House I Live In. Logged in users can submit quotes.


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    Talk resuming in LA-Long Beach harbors strike

    Clerical workers picket in the rain at entrance to Pier 400 at the Port of Los Angeles Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012. Cargo ships were stacking up at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as a strike by about about 70 clerical workers shut down most of the terminals that together are the nation's busiest port complex. Dockworkers were refusing to cross the picket lines even though an arbitrator ruled the walkout invalid on Tuesday. By Thursday morning, at least 18 ships docked and inside the adjacent harbors were not being serviced, port spokesmen said. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

    Clerical workers picket in the rain at entrance to Pier 400 at the Port of Los Angeles Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012. Cargo ships were stacking up at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as a strike by about about 70 clerical workers shut down most of the terminals that together are the nation's busiest port complex. Dockworkers were refusing to cross the picket lines even though an arbitrator ruled the walkout invalid on Tuesday. By Thursday morning, at least 18 ships docked and inside the adjacent harbors were not being serviced, port spokesmen said. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

    The Maersk cargo terminal, where container-handling cranes are in the up and idle position, is seen at the Port of Los Angeles Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012. Cargo ships were stacking up at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as a strike by about about 70 clerical workers shut down most of the terminals that together are the nation's busiest port complex. Dockworkers were refusing to cross the picket lines even though an arbitrator ruled the walkout invalid on Tuesday. By Thursday morning, at least 18 ships docked and inside the adjacent harbors were not being serviced, port spokesmen said. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

    A small group of clerical workers picket at the Maersk cargo terminal, where container-handling cranes are in the up and idle position, background, at the Port of Los Angeles Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012. Cargo ships were stacking up at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as a strike by about about 70 clerical workers shut down most of the terminals that together are the nation's busiest port complex. Dockworkers were refusing to cross the picket lines even though an arbitrator ruled the walkout invalid on Tuesday. By Thursday morning, at least 18 ships docked and inside the adjacent harbors were not being serviced, port spokesmen said. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

    A clerical worker pickets in the rain at the Maersk cargo terminal, where container-handling cranes are in the up and idle position, background, at the Port of Los Angeles Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012. Cargo ships were stacking up at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as a strike by about about 70 clerical workers shut down most of the terminals that together are the nation's busiest port complex. Dockworkers were refusing to cross the picket lines even though an arbitrator ruled the walkout invalid on Tuesday. By Thursday morning, at least 18 ships docked and inside the adjacent harbors were not being serviced, port spokesmen said. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

    (AP) ? Labor talks are resuming in an effort to end a strike that shut down most of the terminals at the nation's busiest port complex, the Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors, officials say.

    A strike launched by 70 clerical workers on Monday led to a massive backup on Thursday, after the strike expanded to shutter seven of eight Los Angeles terminals and three of six Long Beach terminals. Dockworkers from their union refused to cross their picket line.

    The lead negotiator for the Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Employers Association Stephen Berry said he wrote a letter to the union president Thursday afternoon to invite him back to the negotiating table with no preconditions.

    International Longshore and Warehouse Union spokesman Craig Merrilees confirmed a meeting would take place later Thursday to discuss the contract dispute clerical workers and 14 shippers have been locked in for 2? years.

    The status of any talks wasn't immediately clear early Friday. Representatives for both sides didn't immediately respond to phone messages requesting updates on any negotiations.

    Earlier in the day, at least 18 ships docked and inside the adjacent harbors were not being serviced, port spokesman Phillip Sanfield said.

    Talks broke off Monday and the workers struck at a single terminal but expanded the picket lines Wednesday, even after an arbitrator ruled the walkout invalid on Tuesday.

    Combined, Los Angeles and Long Beach comprise the nation's busiest port complex, handling 40 percent of the nation's import trade.

    There was no immediate word on how much the strike is costing the ports. November generally is a slower time for the ports because most holiday goods already have been shipped ashore.

    However, there were concerns that a continued widespread strike could prompt retaliation from terminal operators. A bitter 10-day lockout at a number of West Coast ports in 2002 caused an estimated $15 billion in losses.

    At issue is the union's contention that terminal operators have outsourced local clerical jobs out of state and overseas ? an allegation that the shippers deny.

    Striking clerical worker Trinie Thompson, 41, said Thursday afternoon that her fellow strikers do work at computers ? such as collections, customer service and setting up container movement ? that can be handled from anywhere, and employers were taking advantage of that to use non-union workers overseas.

    "We're definitely concerned about the outsourcing of jobs here," said Thompson, who added jobs were being sent to Costa Rica, India and Taiwan. "We need to keep the jobs here in the United States."

    The negotiating group for the shippers has denied any local union clerical jobs were outsourced. The shippers, in turn, claim that the union wants contract language to permit "featherbedding" ? the practice of requiring employers to call in temporary employees and hire new permanent employees even when there is no work to perform.

    Associated Press


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    Chris Brown: 'Love Is Something I Am Still Learning'

    Prior to last week's blowup, Brown tells XXL magazine he hasn't been 'as mature' as he should have been in the past on Twitter.
    By Gil Kaufman

    Chris Brown on the cover of XXL
    Photo: XXL


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    Home sales rise in Columbia, SC as inventory, prices shrink ...

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    COLUMBIA, SC The housing market is making a comeback in Columbia as sales rise and inventories shrink. But there are some roadblocks that could keep it from rebounding quickly.

    Home building permits and sales of new and used homes in the Midlands soared in October, putting the area on pace for its best year since 2008 ? just before the Great Recession caused home sales to plunge, along with the broader economy.

    But before the celebration begins, a couple of major hurdles ? including the federal government?s looming ?fiscal cliff? and lending for small builders ? must be resolved, said Earl McLeod, executive director for the Home Builders Association of Greater Columbia.

    ?We?re ready to buy the champagne, but we?re not ready to pop the top,? he said.

    Signs that the market is in full recovery mode include:

    ? Builders took out 234 permits for new homes in October in the Midlands. That is a 40 percent jump from last year and the most new permits through the first 10 months of the year since the same period in 2008, according to a new report from the home builders association.

    ? Home sales spiked 30 percent in the Columbia area as the inventory of homes on the market slipped to 11 months ? nearing a more normal market after peaking in the spring of 2011 at 16.5 months, according to a report Wednesday from the S.C. Realtors trade group. That virtually ties with 2009 ? when the housing market was propped up by an $8,000 federal tax credit for first-time home buyers ? as the best first 10 months of the year since 2008. Statewide, sales jumped 24 percent and inventory shrank to 10 months.

    ? Pending sales ? in which a contract has been signed but the sale has not been completed ? jumped 42 percent in October in the Columbia area. That suggests those sales will close in the coming months, meaning the area should see a strong finish to the year after a dismal 2011.

    Russell & Jeffcoat Real Estate ? the largest real estate firm based in the Midlands, which represents a range of builders ? saw its October sales jump 37 percent, said Ron Roe, the company?s chief executive officer.

    ?It was the best October we have had in probably seven years,? he said.

    Builder incentives had a lot to do with the increase in sales, Russell & Jeffcoat broker Len Ross said. Some builders in the area are paying closing costs for buyers in the $300,000 and above range, he said. And some are touting energy efficient green construction, he said.

    The competition with new construction also has caused home sellers to get real on pricing, Ross said.

    ?I think we?ve seen a change in sellers? attitudes over the past six months in getting real with their prices, and so they?re getting more competitive,? he said.

    That is reflected in the median price of homes sold in the area in October, which was down 6 percent to $139,500 in October. Statewide, the median price remained fairly steady at $149,900.

    Homes priced in the $200,001-$300,000 price range sold best in October, according to the report, followed closely by homes in the $100,000 and under range. Homes selling for $300,000 or more performed worst.

    ?The trend is good,? McLeod said. But, ?there are some big question marks remaining. The major question mark, not only for home building but for all businesses, is what happens with the fiscal cliff.?

    In January, $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts to the federal budget ? known as the fiscal cliff ? will kick in if Congress and President Obama do not reach a spending compromise. Some economists predict that could plunge the country back into recession.

    That could stymie the housing recovery and hurt small businesses, such as home builders, McLeod said. Smaller builders already are hurting from strict lending standards that are keeping them from building new homes, he said.

    But larger regional and national builders are starting to fill out neighborhoods that were left half built during the economic downturn, he said.

    And Irmo?s Mungo Homes said it plans to start building new neighborhoods in the Midlands in the coming year on land the company bought seven years ago and never developed, said Steven Mungo, chief executive officer.

    ?We?re spending a lot of time on planning for tracts that we?ve owned for quite a while that we?ve just had on the shelf,? he said.

    It all adds up to a promising 2013, Russell & Jeffcoat?s Roe said.

    ?What we are seeing now is ? we all predict ? a real strong demand for new homes during spring and summer of 2013,? Roe said. ?The future for the Columbia real estate market is really bright right now.?

    To read the original article, as published in The State Newspaper on 11/15/2012, please click here.

    Tags: "fiscal cliff", buyers, Columbia, home builders, Home Builders Association of Greater Columbia, home buyers, home sales, homeowners, Lexington County, Mungo Homes, New construction, real estate, real estate market, real estate market trends, real estate transactions, Richland County, SC, sellers, South Carolina, the Midlands, the state newspaper


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