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Quick and Easy Home Detox Tips |

Detoxification, or ?detox? as its commonly known in health circles, is the process of eliminating the pollutants from one?s body in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle. There are many toxins in today?s environment, be they in the atmosphere or the food we eat. Smoke, chemicals, food additives, all these things conspire to put more strain on the vital cleansing organs, like the kidneys and colon. Detox regimens and full-body cleanses became popular as a way to offset the negative effects of the pollutants we all encounter on a daily basis.

The end goal of any detox regimen should be to clear the body of chemicals and toxins and restart the system on a healthier track. To this end there are many cleanses and detox programs on the market, all of them promising to work wonders for the human body. But there?s no need to purchase pricey products or adhere to a convoluted, long-term, full-on body detox when there are steps that anyone can take at home to cleanse the body and promote a healthier lifestyle.

With that in mind, here are some quick and inexpensive ways to detox at home.


Those suffering from stress headaches or fatigue due to overwork may want to consider some form of cleanse. The best place to start on a detox is by making sure the body gets enough water. A simple cleanse involves sipping hot water periodically throughout the day, as the heat helps to flush areas of the body where cold water has little effect. And by adding lemon juice to a cup of water once a day will help to cleanse the liver.

One popular solvent solution geared towards curbing dehydration and mental fatigue involves boiling three pints of water with two slices of ginger and two or three peppercorns for 10 minutes. The properties of the ginger and peppercorns will infuse with the water and make for a healthy drink that one should sip periodically throughout the day.

Aside from water and solvents there are a number of healthy, every-day juices, such as orange, cranberry and red grape juice, that are great cleansing agents. And green tea is highly recommended for its antioxidant effects.


A 20-minute walks a day is a great natural cleanse because a number of things occur during the process. The body produces light, cleansing sweat during a brisk walk and the motion of the stomach muscles massages the colon. Not only that, but the circulation caused by walking has the direct result of cleansing the lymphatic system. Those interested in a healthier lifestyle and natural detox solutions would do well to make daily walks a part of their health regimen.


Many people may not know that brushing the skin is an effective detox method. That?s because it clears the body of dead cells and promotes a healthier lymphatic system. The best part is that it can be incorporated into almost any daily body-maintenance regimen. Simply set aside three or so minutes a day and brush the skin with a natural-bristle brush. It?s recommended to use long strokes and work up the body towards the chest, making sure to cover the palms and foot soles.


Health experts agree that cleaning the tongue twice a day rids the mouth of bacteria, which in turn rids the body of toxins and promotes greater overall health. It?s a simple procedure that involves scraping the tongue from back to front once or twice with a soft-bristled brush or ?tongue scraper,? which is an implement available from many health-food stores or pharmacies.

These are just a few detox methods most people can incorporate into their daily routine for little or no money. But as any nutritionist will tell you, cleanses alone will not do the trick. One has to make the commitment to a healthier lifestyle and maintain proper diet and exercise in order to see long-term results.

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