Sunday, July 15, 2012

Christine Bleakley on 'cancer scare': 'The Sun sources are rubbish'

? Ken McKay/ITV/Rex Features

Christine Bleakley has hit out at a newspaper report detailing her apparent cancer scare.

Earlier today (July 15), The Sun claimed that the Dancing on Ice host has been urged to undergo medical tests after asbestos was discovered in cupboards in a private nursery which once formed part of her old school's prep department.

The article went on to quote supposed insiders who alleged that Bleakley is "devastated", "petrified" and "genuinely scared".

"It has ruined her memories of her time at school, which she's always cherished," the so-called source went on to say.

However, Bleakley has now dismissed the attributed quotes as "rubbish".

She wrote on Twitter: "Odd reading the Sun today. Who are these 'sources' who apparently know me and what I'm thinking.? All total utter and complete rubbish."

Bleakley previously had three moles removed from her back, leg and neck, but ultimately tested clear of cancer.


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