Friday, July 20, 2012

Beyond Motherhood ? Dream house

I was having a chat with a friend the other day. We talked about family, work; parenting related and how times a passing very quickly. We even talk about our house a dream home to be exact.?Before getting married, I used to have a list of where would I live, what type of house should I stay. Now after getting married with three children me and hubby used to talk about something a little different when it comes to our dream home. We both love having beautiful tile floors and prefer carpet in certain room. We don?t intend to have a big, spacious hall as long as it pleasant and soothing to the eye that is good enough already. Townhouse is a no no for us as we dislike stairs though it gives lots of space.

How about you? What is your dream house? Are you a semi-detached, townhouse or a condo kind of buyer? Whatever your preference is, there are great and many resources available all over the web which can show you the positive and negative living in each of these living situations. If you are looking for some ideas, tips and flooring guide, you might want to visit a website I have come across recently. They sell different types, brand and style of flooring and carpet with five-star warranty.

The websites are easy to browse from price range, colour and materials. Besides that, you can even view ready made actual flooring done by them which help gives you inspiration on colours, furnishing and textile. You can also download and view the brochure on carpets, hard-surface products, installation, care & cleaning, or the Flooring difference. Prices are very reasonable since they are offering a clearance sale now with great bargain on most of the items. Find out more

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