Friday, July 6, 2012

A Perfect Storm of Support for Flood Insurance Reform: Coalition ...

by Sarah Woodhouse

Alberto, Beryl, Chris and Debby.

If you?re lucky enough not to have met them in person, these are the four tropical systems big enough to be named so far in the 2012 hurricane season. And we?re only in July. Though experts say it doesn?t necessarily signal a pattern for the season as a whole, it has been a busy and early start (the average date for the fourth named storm to occur is Sept. 1).

But as Florida residents mop up after two feet of drenching rains in some locations after tropical storm Debby, there is finally some good news from Washington on policy to lessen the destruction from flooding that these and other types of storms cause for people and property.

On Friday, both houses of Congress reached agreement and voted to pass a transportation bill, which is expected to be signed into law by President Barack Obama this week. Among the provisions included in the bill that will benefit America?s natural resources is a measure to reform the National Flood Insurance Program, which requires property owners in flood-risk areas to buy federal insurance.

The reforms passed last week will discourage and guide development (Read more...)

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