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Merrimack High School Class of 1955 honors teacher -

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Members of the Merrimack High School Class of 1955 met for a luncheon at the Back Room recently to honor one of their teachers ? Mrs. Alice Dickinson.

A bouquet of roses, a cake made by Joyce Soucy, and a commendation from Gov. John Lynch were presented by Barbara (Worster) Vaughn, of Texas, to Dickinson. Historical facts researched by Joyce (Nesrnith) Bishop were at each place setting.

Dickinson had each person within the class of 1955 in one or more of her English classes during 1951-55.

She taught English at McGaw Institute and the then- new high school, while enabling her students to learn the rules of grammar and practical uses of language. Students remembered her effective discipline of raising one eyebrow when a class started to get noisy.

Dickinson?s influence reached beyond the classroom into the personal lives of her students. She stepped in when a student was not going to graduate and designed a makeup schedule for the student. She also sponsored more than one student for leadership training. And she coached students in writing and speaking projects both locally and statewide. She paid attention to details by making sure students knew how to sit properly, stand and walk to the podium, as well as ensuring they had rides to and from presentations.

Each year, she
produced the prize speaking program and directed the senior play after school. She managed to have students learn lines without strain.

Each week she would have students read their parts for one act. At the end of the week, students had to perform their speaking parts without scripts. Much to everyone?s surprise, they had the parts all learned without a struggle.

Since 1955 when this class graduated, Dickinson and her husband Richard have attended every reunion this class has celebrated. It is little wonder that the class (through Larry and Judy Decato) went to the governor to obtain a commendation for this outstanding person who made such a difference in so many lives.

Jane Bastille Dwyer, Rod Cyr, Bill Footer, Charlie Hall, Barbara (Maker) Patterson, Bruce Tucker, Joyce (Nesrnith) Bishop, Joyce Soucy, Barbara (Worster) Vaughn, and Larry and Judy Decato extend a thank you, Mrs. Dickinson. Thank you for being you.

? Submitted by
Jane E. Dwyer


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