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Building a mailing list is one of the most important activities you can undertake as an internet marketer. Having a permission-based list of people who have opted-in to receive emails from you is a very valuable asset. However, many new internet marketers make a crucial mistake and think that list building is all about the size of the list, the number of subscribers. That???s just plain wrong. Please do not make that mistake yourself. Here???s why and how you can avoid it.

Firstly, forget the number of subscribers. That???s not overly important. Sure, it is a great feeling to have a massive list with thousands and thousands of subscribers though what use is that to you if when you send out an email you get very little response or interaction from your subscribers. Forget quantity, go for quality of subscriber.

For example if you are building a list from one of your web site say that???s about organic gardening - that???s great. Visitors who come to your site may be generally interested in the subject and quite possibly subscribe to your email list if you give them sufficient incentive to do so. That incentive may be a short report you give to them for subscribing which contains a number of high quality tips on how to get started with their own organic gardening projects. By doing this you are starting to build a targeted list of interested people which is what you need. You are starting to avoid the very common mistake of going for numbers and instead are going for quality of subscriber - those who are in your target market.

Resist the temptation to acquire subscribers or build your list from other sources such as buying leads from sources you do not know or not related to your market. This can be risky as you cannot be certain about the source, if the email addresses on the list are from people who have given permission for their details to be passed on and sold and you could be opening yourself to problems.

Steer clear of buying ???guaranteed??? visitors to your web site and hope that some of them will join your list. You are not necessarily buying targeted visitors or traffic from people who are interested in the topic of your web site and it will not help to grow your targeted mailing list. As already stated here, many new internet marketers think that building a list is simply a numbers game. Get as many people on to their list as quickly as possible from as many sources as possible. I hope you can glean from what you have read so far how wrong that is and that you will not make the same mistake yourself.

It is all about targeting the people who have an interest in what you have to offer and getting them to opt-in then you can build a relationship with them and they in turn will be responsive to updates you send and products you recommend via the occasional affiliate promotion.

Another common mistake people make in list building is sending out far too many emails to their list about all sorts of crazy things and trying too hard to sell. Do this and your list will go stone cold very fast. Email them occasionally about really good stuff. Make most of your emails of an update-style nature, for example to let them know about a new blog post or a great new tip about (back to the organic gardening example) making their own organic fertiliser. They???ll thank you for that more than a series of emails every day saying ???buy this???.

So in summary, you can avoid common list building mistakes by concentrating on quality of subscribers over quantity, building a relationship with your list through giving them quality content and not bombarding them offers and overt selling. Your lists will become one of your most valuable business assets so be sure to treat your subscribers accordingly.



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