Friday, November 16, 2012

iPad Stock worth $1.5 million Stolen at Airport


A stock of some 3,600 units of iPads has been stolen from the John f Kennedy Airport.

The iPads said to be made up of the iPad mini and the iPad fourth generation tablets were held in a cargo building.

The iPad mini and iPad fourth generation were released last month. The iPad mini represents the first 7.9 inch tablet to come from Apple.

Thieves entered and loaded a tractor-trailer before being approached by security cards whereupon they drove away with their haul.

The stock destined for stores throughout the U.S. were set to cover the busy season ahead. The total value of the goods is worth $1.5 million.

Police are investigating the crime and will look into whether airport employees were involved in the theft due to the fact hat the thieves appeared to have entered into the building with little challenge.

The hunt continues for the thieves and the stolen goods

It is not known whether Apple can make up the delivery in time or whether stores will be out of stock for some time.


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