Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Green Blog: On Our Radar: Wildfires in Washington State

Firefighters battle more than a dozen wildfires across the West, including a massive out-of-control blaze that has burned over 28,000 acres between two national forests in Washington State. [Reuters]

Conflict has arisen over a proposed strip mine in Kentucky that could soon surround a venerated Girl Scout camp, altering its bucolic vista for years. [The New York Times]

A report warns that the trading of pollution ?credits? to reduce the cost of cleaning up Chesapeake Bay could endanger the health of the region?s poor and minority communities. [The Baltimore Sun]

The containment vessel designed to capture oil in the event of a spill during Shell?s exploratory drilling off the coast of Alaska has itself been responsible for four small illegal fluid discharges, the Coast Guard confirms. All involved hydraulic fluid, were generally limited to about a quart each time, and were cleaned up. [The Los Angeles Times]


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