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Equine Study At The University Of Findlay - Free Pets to Good Home

The University of Findlay in Findlay, Ohio is a 4 year establishment run on a non-profit basis. Students can enroll in any of a few Equestrian Studies degree options like:

- Associate of Arts, Western riding and training

- Associate of Arts, English riding and training

- Bachelor of Science, Western riding and training

- Bachelor of Science, English riding and training

- Bachelor of Science, Equine Business Management.

The university?s Equestrian Studies Programme is framed to enable students to gain all the talents required to help them achieve a long, successful equine industry career. Scholars are kitted out with book information and practical experience that cannot be matched at any other institution. The program?s faculty of twelve members includes currently active pro trainers, exhibitors, breeders and judges who bring a hard and practical point of view to their dealings with students. For over 30 years now, students of this university have excelled due to the facilities offered, which include:

- Instruction in riding, five days per week

- Professional staff from equine backgrounds

- Two wonderful equine facilities

- Modern methodologies for pony coaching

- More than 400 horses

- Individual academic counseling and advising

- Chances for internship.

The university?s program in Equestrian Studies (Western) teaches scholars correct western pleasure riding, showmanship and horsemanship techniques during the first year. Scholars are then taken on to colt breaking, reining, cutting and finishing horses heading straight for show rings. Other western discipline areas that are covered include western riding as also trail riding. Further, students are taught abilities in customer relations and in producing horse that are straightforward to ride. The programme includes thorough riding components alongside in depth education in nourishment, reproduction, preventative medication, judging and business management. Students can also opt for special courses in business abilities, sales and marketing, promotion, exercise physiology and healing riding.

The university?s program in English Equestrian Studies is focused on basic English riding theories and coaching approaches and progressively covers dressage, hunters and jumpers. Scholars will need to train a raw pony to a level set by the instructors. Students are also allowed to choose higher level classes where they?re given advanced instruction on the right way to ride and train on the flat as well as over fences. Special subjects taught include promotion, sales and marketing and business skills.

The institution?s Equine Business Management Program is a combination of one or two equine science subjects with business management topics and is perfect for students keen on equine industry careers that don?t have anything to do with coaching. Scholars are taught about laws pertinent to the equine world as well as other practical aspects like stock management, illness prevention, reproductive management and selection, operation and upkeep of farm equipment. Each student of Equestrian Studies is encouraged to take up another major or minor to bring some variety to their future equine industry career paths.

Equestrian majors become suitable for numerous academic scholarships awarded every year. Internships are also made available to students to permit them to gain from extra practical experience related to the horse industry. Internships come with academic credit as well as zero credit in Western or Eastern equitation and business management.

Students organisations open to students include the Intercollegiate Dressage and Horse Show Associations, the Horse Club, the UF Horsemen, the North American Collegiate Horse Show Association, and the Findlay University Vaulters. Any student with a real interest in horses can get into these associations.

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