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Cloud Computing: Assessing the Risks | by Jared Carstensen ...

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by Jared Carstensen, Bernard Golden and JP Morgenthal
ISBN: 9781849283595

Using jargon-free language and relevant examples, analogies and diagrams, this up-to-date, clear, comprehensive guide discusses the primary concerns of most businesses leaders regarding the security and risk elements of the Cloud.

Cloud Computing - Assessing the Risks

Product Description

Do you trust the Cloud? Should you trust the Cloud? 'Cloud Computing' is the phrase on everyone's lips it's the latest technology, the way forward. But how safe is it? Is it reliable? How secure will your information be? Questions ... Cloud Computing: Assessing the risks answers these questions and many more. Using jargon-free language and relevant examples, analogies and diagrams, it is an up-to-date, clear and comprehensive guide the security, governance, risk, and compliance elements of Cloud Computing. Written by three internationally renowned experts, this book discusses the primary concerns of most businesses leaders the security and risk elements of the Cloud. But 'security and risk are just two elements of Cloud Computing, and this book focuses on all the critical components of a successful cloud program, including compliance, risk, reliability, availability, areas of responsibility, Cloud Computing borders, legalities, digital forensics and business continuity. This book covers them all. ... and answers This book will enable you to: understand the different types of Cloud and know which is the right one for your business have realistic expectations of what a Cloud service can give you, and enable you to manage it in the way that suits your business minimize potential disruption by successfully managing the risks and threats make appropriate changes to your business in order to seize opportunities offered by Cloud set up an effective governance system and benefit from the consequential cost savings and reductions in expenditure understand the legal implications of international data protection and privacy laws, and protect your business against falling foul of such laws know how Cloud can benefit your business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

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Table of Contents
Cloud Computing?Assessing the Risks
Chapter 1 ? Cloud Computing Explained
The potential of Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing defined
Key characteristics of Cloud Computing
Characteristic One: On-demand self-service
Characteristic Two: Broad network access
Characteristic Three: Resource pooling
Characteristic Four: Rapid elasticity
Characteristic Five: Measured service
Summary of Cloud Computing characteristics
Cloud Computing definition summary
What TheNew York Times tells us about Cloud Computing

Chapter 2 ? How Cloud Computing Changes Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance
Relationship between security, compliance and risk
Governance, compliance and risk in a Cloud environment
Security in a Cloud Computing environment

Chapter 3 ? Governance of Cloud Computing
Which governance framework is right for Cloud?
Role of the service catalogue
Dude, where?s my server? (The need for policy management)

Chapter 4 ? Cloud Computing Top Security Risks
Security ? the shift from static to dynamic
Breakdown of security assumptions

Chapter 5 ? Assessing Security in the Cloud
Assessing Cloud security
Peeking below the trust boundary
The challenge of evaluation
Role of certification
Certifications and audits
Mapping the CAI and CCM to the security stack

Chapter 6 ? Cloud Computing Application Security
Identity management and role-based access controls
Network security
Data security
Instance security
Application architecture and deployment topology
Code update and patch management

Chapter 7 ? Organisational Risks Associated with Cloud Computing
Organisational risks of Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing does and doesn?t change everything
Impact of Cloud Computing on executive decision-making roles
Impact of Cloud Computing on traditional IT roles
Instituting DevOps
Developing for a multi-tenant universe
The runaway train: Cloud sprawl
Delivering IT-as-a-Service

Chapter 8 ? Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing
Business continuity overview
Disaster recovery overview
Differences between Cloud vs. traditional BC and DR
SaaS business continuity challenges
PaaS business continuity challenges
IaaS business continuity challenges
Possible benefits
Possible issues and challenges
Important considerations
What to ask your Cloud provider
Cloud-based BC and DR offerings
Restructuring plans and procedures
Testing and walkthrough of updated plans
Recent business continuity/disaster recovery case study

Chapter 9 ? Investigations and Forensics in the Cloud
Forensics overview
Forensics: what has changed?
Who conducts these investigations?
Forensic procedures and requirements
Forensic investigations vs. analysis
Traditional forensics vs. Cloud forensics
Data in transit
Encryption and investigations
Custom Cloud APIs
Cloud solution forensic tools
In summary

Chapter 10 ? Cloud Computing Borders ? National and International Deployment
Data location
Legislation and regulatory (including privacy)
Data protection and data privacy
Data retention
EU Data Protection/Privacy
Recent reporting trends
European Privacy Directive 2002/58/EC
Current EU data protection and privacy challenges
Where to next for EU data protection?
United States data protection and privacy
International privacy at a glance (USA/EU/APEC)
Guidelines for success
In summary

Chapter 11 ? Evaluating Compliance in the Cloud
Compliance overview
Need for compliance functions
Compliance vs. internal audit
Value of compliance done correctly
Cloud first ? compliance second?
What changes for compliance functions?
Who is responsible for what?
Compliance strategy and framework
The domino effect
Regulatory challenges
Cost of compliance (or non-compliance!)
Cloud Computing standards and compliance
Recent trends and surveys
Segregation of duties
SOD in Cloud environments
Where to start?

Chapter 12 ? Where Cloud Computing is Heading

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