Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Not Running a Hospital: Attempting to block the world's news

A friend works as an analyst at a major investment house in New York City, and wrote the following after I sent the link below about the opening of The Waiting Room in that town:

Thanks. Reminds me that I have to get re-approved to open your blog at work. I had it okayed when?I first started here.? Since it is a blog I had to get permission, and it was okay, but then they tightened the rules on what we can access and I got knocked off again.

I responded:

Wow.? Think of that.? You are expected to be knowledgeable about things that could affect securities valuations, and the firm is closing off the major source of information to the world--not my blog, but all of them.

The reply:

We can't access New York Times articles if the paper calls them "blogs" either. I do understand that they are trying to protect us and the system and not have us frittering our time away.

Nonsense.? This is just a Neanderthalic view of the world. First, think of what it says about the lack of trust the firm has for its professional staff.? Second, it is an ineffectual measure, in that people can just bypass the company's server and use their iPhones for the same purpose.

I previously discussed hospitals and other firms that blocked social media on their servers.? This is just plain dumb in the new information age.


The sequel!? Just received from my friend:

Yeah, I sold out and upgraded to iPhone 4. So I got to read your blog post after all. Well written. I am in the process now of gathering the approval emails to attach to the Web Site Blocking Exemption Request. Need one from my boss's boss, which he sent quite promptly with a nice GOOD LUCK on it. Now I have to get one back from compliance, and as I don't know the guy from Adam nor he, me, goodness knows how long this is going to take. Plus I am spending half my morning on this, plus the form said it would take 3 days to approve once I submit. And do you know what the crowning glory is? Even if I get approval again I won't be able to open any videos!

My eternal motto is: "Ya can't make this stuff up."

Source: http://runningahospital.blogspot.com/2012/09/attempting-to-block-worlds-news.html

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