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Christina's Voice: Cake Lingerie top 7 tips of BRA FITTING for ...

Cake Lingerie would like to provide pregnant/nursing women with the Top 7 tips of Bra Fitting!?

Bra Fitting Tips: Cake Lingerie Creative Director, Tracey Montford

? As an expectant or nursing mother, it's important to look for cotton based or lined lingerie during your 9 months and postpartum. This allows the skin to breath as well gives you the most comfortable wear since you will be dependent on this and want to make sure you feel the best at all times.?

? Ideally, you should be fitted into your bra in the first trimester on the tightest hook to allow for growth in the following months. Alternatively, if you are on the search around 28 weeks for a bra, make sure the band is on the last hook, so you can easily tighten the band post birth as your body changes again.It also helps to find a bra with cotton lined inseams in the cups and straps to prevent any skin irritations caused by rubbing, and to provide a smooth feel to the body. This also is beneficial during breastfeeding as the cotton fabric soaks any leaks.

? Understanding your bust line is imperative to comfort and fit, as a smaller bust (B-D cups) is best suited to plunge styles, which provides lift, shape and support. Whereas, a larger bust (DD+ cups) suits balconette styles that offer more coverage and support to the sides and top of the breasts (including A lined frame slings for fuller figure bust sizes) - your closest lingerie store-fitting specialist will be able to help you with this.

? Always make sure you purchase a good quality bra, as a low quality product will quickly loose its ability to provide a secure fit, support and shape through wash and wear in the fabrics and elastics.

? An expectant mother should also have at least 4 new maternity bras - 2 that are basic and 2 that are fashion, that you can rotate with depending on the occasion (as well to last longer), to wash, and suit different periods of your pregnancy.

? Pregnant women have lots of options when choosing the best maternity bra for them - including a variety of styles for different trimesters and functions such as support, lift and shape. These include first trimester, non wired and mould cup bras; second and third trimesters, flexible wire, non wired and mould cup bras; post birth, non wired and mould cup; and 3 weeks + post birth, all styles.

? At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable and secure in your new maternity/nursing bra so don't be afraid to shop around and try on a few styles, adjusting the straps and band as you go.

?Tracey's Top Tips:

1) Look for cotton fabrics and inseams for breathability and comfort

2) Understand your bust line to determine the style you need (e.g. plunge for smaller busts, balconette/fuller figure for larger busts)

3) Make sure the bra is not 'too tight' or 'too loose' across the band, cups and straps

4) Ensure the top cup fabric has some stretch to allow for breast growth

5) Check there is a 6 hook and eye expandable band?

6) Always purchase for quality and comfort?

7) Own at least 4 maternity/nursing bras per pregnancy



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