Monday, September 17, 2012

deal architect : The corporate branding rage

Tech startups go through waves of branding waves and fads ? in a recent one startups started adding r like FlickR to perfectly good English words. When I co-founded a start up a decade ago, our heads spun with the choices we got from branding experts (which included every one of our employees). Empty vessels, associative terms, combinations of characters (which btw would make great passwords today).

Larger companies don?t have the luxury of renaming themselves too often (oh they can but the turmoil and cost of reprinting millions of employee business cards is usually a pretty good wake up call) so they change tag lines quite often and dream up words for them. In a recent wave, they are taking perfectly good English words, and adding not just R, but consultant-isms to them

  • Dow Chemicals has Solutionism
  • Hampton Inns have Hamptonality
  • DiJiorno has Pizzaplicity

I have a theory ? George W is back in business. Not advising the GOP, but corporate clients. Yes, the same Mr. Strategery :)


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