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Students share car insurance tips | The Crow's Nest ? A student ...

With the possibility of an accident in the USFSP garage or a fender bender in downtown St. Petersburg, auto insurance can be critical. The jargon can be difficult to understand and costs may be daunting, but USFSP students who have gone through the process have some tips to help solve some of the most common insurance worries.

Auto insurance is required for licensed drivers in case of an accident. The amount paid to the insurance company helps manage costs and provide money to pay for an accident. If one car damages the other, the insurance company of the person who is at fault ?pays? for the accident with said money.

Many students choose to remain on their parents? policy to save cash but still pay the fee. Discounts are available, especially if parents have been with the company over many years.

When looking for a single policy, some students recommend having a safe driving record to get a better rate.

?The better you drive, the cheaper your insurance can be,? said freshman Billy Davis, a State Farm policy holder. ?If you know you aren?t going to get in an accident, then you can have the lowest coverage.?

Getting quotes from multiple companies before settling may be time consuming, but it can provide better options.

?Get a quote from everyone first and don?t settle with a price you?re not comfortable paying,? said freshman Savannah Bryant.

When the policy cost appears high, do not fear?it can be changed. According to Brown Insurance Company?s ?Parent?s Guide to Insuring a Teen Driver,? insurance rates drop considerably as you age, as compared to when first making your policy. At 19, a person?s rate drops 21 percent, and by age 21, it drops another 31 percent. Discounts are available for things like safe driving, having clean driving records or good grades, or taking a driver?s course.

Don?t be afraid to explore local insurance offices when searching for a policy. The agents can be helpful in finding undiscovered discounts.

?Calling into a local agent for a specific company could save you thousands on your policy,? said freshman Kyleigh Cobbett.

Cobbett originally received a quote of $360 a month from State Farm online for her ?89 Accord.

?But after I visited my local agency, I then found out about valuable deductions,? she said.


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