Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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discover airtel 4G LTE.

internet will never be the same again

airtel?s 4G LTE, or Long Term Evolution, is the latest (4th) Generation in Mobile Network Technology.

Get speeds up to 100mbps while downloading, and 40mbps while uploading. Break free of buffering and waiting, and manifest your will online instantly and seamlessly. The internet will never be the same again.

break free.

Now, experience the fastest wireless internet. No pixelation. No lag. No drag. no buffering. Enjoy streaming HD video, multiple video chats, instant uploads of photos, videos and much more.

With airtel 4G LTE, you can:

Stream your favorite Bollywood movies seamlessly.
Download and watch HD movies faster.
Download music in seconds.
Upload photos in a flash.
Play multiplayer online games with low latency.
Load web sites quickly.
Download documents and presentations instantly.
don?t just surf, fly.

The airtel wireless 4G LTE service breaks free of everything you knew about the internet. Features include:

wireless and blazing fast:

High-speed mobile internet access with bandwidth up to 40Mbps.

unstoppable downloads:

LTE users can download songs, movies and other rich content at high-speed.

mobile with a broadband experience:

Use LTE devices to access high-speed internet anywhere, at any time. (If connectivity is available*)

discover a new video experience:

Enjoy high-quality video services and calling with online video applications.

experience Mobile TV:

Stream TV programs from a selection of video channels.

Via: Airtel



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