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last weekend, Ms. Wong intend and family get-together , with over a weekend . Due to colder weather , they are particularly looking for a hot pot restaurants dinner. Ms Wong did not drink, just want a bottle of drink , eat and drink . After dinner we started to leave , Ms. Wong has a headache , dizziness, vomiting, his family called the restaurant owner asked , there was no fresh food . Finally, Nanjing First Hospital emergency department solved the mystery : It turned out that Ms Wong edge of a cold drink , while drinking the soup , which eventually led to a sudden surge in blood pressure , had sent to the hospital salvage governance .
City Hospital neurology chief physician Xu Qingcheng introduced , drink hot soup to eat hot pot immediately a cold drink , there will be the discomfort of the gastrointestinal tract can also cause blood pressure ups and downs , it may a difference of 20-30 mm Hg , giving rise to physical symptoms , which may cause unstable blood pressure changes and temperature differences are interlinked. If the blood circulation of the heart itself is not good, may also occur to hypoxia , resulting in myocardial infarction .
In fact, blood pressure , changes in food temperature difference is closely related . The cold can cause gastrointestinal vasoconstriction , increased secretion of adrenaline , a rise in blood pressure ; soup will cause blood vessels to dilate and lower blood pressure, so that blood vessels in a very short period of time a shrinking one , making the blood pressure is extremely unstable . Therefore, experts suggest , to eat hot pot , drink hot soup and cold drinks , the best interval of more than three minutes . Drink the best oral intake , so that the impact of changes in blood pressure can be reduced to the lightest . ( Zhang , Chen Yan Yang )



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