Thursday, March 29, 2012

Design Inspiration: ReCut Recycled Furniture - Networx Blog ...

Whether you're doing a home improvement project or building furniture, there is always bound to be some kind of waste. Traditionally, people threw it all away without any thought, but nowadays, everyone seems to be getting more crafty with excess material.


Carpenter?Tristan Titeux?offers one great example of recycling with his ReCut series of furniture. The pieces are built out of waste wood and salvaged material from old furniture.?


The Milo table is the first product in the line. It's an end table made up of a random assortment of wood scraps that's finished with a plant-based glaze.


Tristan is located in the UK, so it may hard to get your hands on a Milo table for a while. But no matter if you're living in the South or the Northwest, it would be pretty easy to replicate yourself (or have a Portland carpenter make one for you).


[via Treehugger]


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