Sunday, April 21, 2013

When Business As Usual Becomes Unusual ? Make HR Happen by ...

I have shared my secret blogging method with many close friends and colleagues. While I flatter myself as a writer, this is not easy for me. Hopefully you are not holding your breath waiting on the book I promised 10 years ago. Usually my style is to outline some topic, research the facts, and then write and rewrite that first draft over and over ad infinitum. In order to publish a new article every day requires that I stage each one to launch at a predetermined hour every day of the week. This also means that I am working on next week?s posts as I write this. Hopefully I won?t lose this obsession with pushing my own creativity beyond its natural tendencies because I would probably do this even if nobody ever read it. In case you haven?t noticed, most of my topics are not related to news of the day because their shelf life is too brief for the intended audience. Just so you know? this is not the blog post you were supposed to see today.

This morning I flipped on the TV to catch up on the financial news from a few cable channels and quickly learned that today was going to be different. My bowl of Cheerios was left to turn to mush while I went online to verify from several other sources the events of last night. The Boston Marathon tragedy touched me personally because I had stood on that spot where the first bomb exploded. I have friends living or working nearby or in the Boston area. The relief of finding everyone unharmed and well gradually soothed my soul? until this morning. It?s not about me, but I can?t help but feel personally attacked by these terrorists. I bought coffee in that 7-11 that was robbed in an apparent getaway attempt. I had worked in a building for a former client only a block away from where the MIT cop was killed. People living in the surrounding areas were told to remain indoors with their doors locked. I felt their pain and fear wash over me.

This is supposed to be a human resources blog, so perhaps I will do future research on how tragic events like this affect us and the employees with whom we work. Today?s message to all of us would seem to highlight the need for strengthening corporate security, maintaining a robust communications network, and waging a legitimate battle to prevent erosion of diversity through personal overreaction to ethnic or religious implications. Corporate America cannot change the environment in which it exists because a company culture will always be a mirror to the world that feeds it. We can influence that small portion of the population that depends on us for livelihood by being vigilant in our resolve to protect, educate and hopefully make some small contribution to change.

This is being written before the current day of rapidly unfolding events has concluded. I doubt seriously that any of these impressions will change. Regardless of the outcome, this is not a dream, it is not a game, and we will probably never be the same.

There will be an opinion piece by me published on Sunday on the topic of Terrorism. Stay tuned.

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