Thursday, June 28, 2012

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We recently finished a bathroom makeover project in Jenkintown. The extreme flip over that this bathroom endured came out exactly how the client wanted. We gutted the entire space- floors, walls, appliances, you name it. What existed before the demolition was s imple and somewhat monotomous bathroom with outdated appliances. The clients wanted a total transformation- they wanted to turn this simple bathroom into a rich, fabulous space.

After we took everything down, we began selecting materials, colors, and appliances to accommodate the lavish bathroom that the clients wanted. They chose a pea green color to paint the walls with, allowing sunlight to reflect off of the color and radiant a warm tone. The green is paired with neutral earth tones in the tiling, which softens and balances out the highlight of the color.

The construction process was quite elaborate, as we were starting fresh, in an entirely gutted space. We constructed the tub, which sits in the corner on the room, with a view out of the window. Then, we installed a glass encased shower at the opposite corner, fixed with multiple shower heads recessed into the ceiling and walls for extra luxury. The shower features a red shower bench that is bolted into the wall and folds up to free space inside the shower.

Since we took out the existing door, this allowed for more space for a comfortable, freeing place to shower or bathe in. The vanity compliments the wall color and the chrome applianes add to the overall look. Recessed lights above the shower and tub can create a warmer and more seductive look. Needless to say, the client was extremely pleased!

Please contact us if you are interested in giving your home a new make over! And be sure to check out our collection of project photos on Houzz!:

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