Monday, January 2, 2012

49 Kidnappings Per Day Occurred in Mexico in 2011

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? Top Story
Surge in Violence in Mexico a ?National Emergency?
Drug war analyst and former UN official Samuel Gonzalez says the problem in Mexico does not have to do with the police or judges, but is bigger because it is rooted in a government that is ?incapable of guaranteeing the security? of the people...
More details
?Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
?12/30/2011?? Venezuela Will Keep Receiving Gas from Colombia
?12/29/2011?? 14 Killed in Fuel-Tanker Wreck in Venezuela
?12/29/2011?? Chavez?s Former Shrink Seeks Pardon for Murder Conviction
?12/28/2011?? Chavez: Venezuela Will Be World?s Top Oil Exporter
?12/23/2011?? Repsol, Eni Agree to Invest $1.5 Billion in Perla Gas Field with Venezuela's PDVSA
?Colombia (Click here for more)
?12/31/2011?? Mayor-Elect of Southwest Colombia Town Slain
?12/30/2011?? Mudslide Kills 3 in Colombia
?12/30/2011?? Colombia Extends Pact to Supply Gas to Venezuela
?12/30/2011?? No One Hurt in Bombing Near Colombian Police Station
?12/29/2011?? Colombian Ex-Militiaman Sentenced to 20 Years for Massacre
?Panama (Click here for more)
?12/28/2011?? Two Hurt in Protest in Panama
?12/26/2011?? US Charges 12 in Panama Drug Trafficking Conspiracy
?12/12/2011?? Former Dictator Noriega Begins Serving Time in Panama
?12/11/2011?? Former Dictator Noriega Returns to Panama
?10/21/2011?? Obama Signs Trade Pacts with Panama, Colombia into Law
?Ecuador (Click here for more)
?12/9/2011?? Petroecuador to Ship $538 Million Worth of Oil to PetroChina in 2012
?12/9/2011?? Ecuador State Oil Firm Eyes 16% Output Boost in 2012
?12/3/2011?? New Wells Bring Repsol?s Ecuador Output to 45,000 BPD
?11/28/2011?? Ecuador Authorities Seize 3 Tons of Cocaine
?11/16/2011?? Ecuadorian Soldier Dies in Clash with Smugglers
?12/20/2011?? Two Arrested After Deadly Exorcism in Bolivia
?11/23/2011?? Repsol to Invest $640 Million in Bolivia
?11/13/2011?? Bolivia is No. 1 Cocaine Supplier to South American Market, UN Says
?10/27/2011?? Spanish Firm Signs Contract for Bolivia Gas Plant
?10/24/2011?? Two Burned to Death by Vigilantes in Bolivia
?Central America
?1/1/2012?? Guatemalan Girl Killed by Stray Bullet on New Year?s Eve
?1/1/2012?? Mayor-Elect Shot in Western Guatemala
?12/31/2011?? 44,000 Hondurans Deported from U.S. and Mexico in 2011
?12/30/2011?? Guatemalan Judge Wounded in Assassination Attempt
?12/29/2011?? More Than 6,700 Slain in Honduras in 2011
?Brazil (Click here for more)
?1/1/2012?? Brazilian City Hosts World?s Largest New Year?s Eve Party
?12/27/2011?? Brazilian Gang Stealing Hair from Beauty Salons
?12/27/2011?? Brazil Will Soon Be World?s No. 5 Economy, Government Says
?12/27/2011?? America Movil to Invest $5.4 Billion in Brazil
?12/27/2011?? Bus-Truck Collision Kills 6 in Brazil
?1/1/2012?? Pope Approves Cuba Visit Agenda
?12/31/2011?? Authorities, Faithful See Off Our Lady of Charity Pilgrimage in Havana
?12/29/2011?? Cuban Opposition Says 7 Political Prisoners Pardoned
?12/28/2011?? Cuban Government Publishes Names of Pardoned Prisoners
?12/27/2011?? Cuba Expands Phone Connections 18.5%
?1/1/2012?? Mexican Civil Servant Gets 48 Years for Time Theft
?1/1/2012?? 49 Kidnappings Per Day Occurred in Mexico in 2011
?12/31/2011?? Arms Distributor for Pacific Cartel Arrested in Mexico
?12/31/2011?? Three Slain, Four Arrested in Northern Mexico Shootouts
?12/30/2011?? Mexican Hospital Welcomes Kids from Both Sides of Border
?12/29/2011?? Puerto Rico Murder Count Reaches 1,130
?12/22/2011?? Former San Juan Police Chief Denied Bail in Kiddie Porn Case
?12/19/2011?? Puerto Rico Hits 1,100 Homicides for the Year So Far
?12/17/2011?? Moderate Earthquakes Rattle Puerto Rico
?12/17/2011?? Dominican Police Arrest 2 in Deadly Capsizing
?1/1/2012?? Over 100 Injured in Argentina on New Year?s Eve
?1/1/2012?? Argentine Governor Dies in Accidental Shooting
?12/31/2011?? Peronist Youth Seek Blood Donors for Argentine President?s Operation
?12/29/2011?? Robbers Walk Out of Argentine Bank with Sacks of Mail
?12/28/2011?? Argentine President to Undergo Surgery for Thyroid Tumor
?12/30/2011?? Family at Peace After Probe of Allende?s Death
?12/30/2011?? Fire Rages in Chilean National Park
?12/30/2011?? Indians Burn Government Helicopter in Southern Chile
?12/28/2011?? Tourists Evacuated from Chilean Park Due to Fire
?12/26/2011?? Chilean Daily Ordered to Pay Victims of Explosive Recipe
?12/20/2011?? Lori Berenson Back in U.S.
?12/19/2011?? Peru to Allow Berenson to Travel to U.S.
?12/18/2011?? Berenson Prevented from Boarding Flight at Peruvian Airport
?12/17/2011?? Historic Lima: From Chaos to Culture to Trendy in 20 Years
?12/17/2011?? Peru Court Allows Berenson to Travel to U.S. for Christmas
?12/13/2011?? 20 Hurt in Blast at Government Office in Uruguay
?10/16/2011?? Clinton Send Congratulations on Uruguay Bicentennial (VIDEO)
?9/29/2011?? U.S. Partners With Uruguay for TechCamp Montevideo
?8/23/2011?? Clinton Sends Independence Day Wishes to Uruguay
?7/18/2011?? Former Uruguayan President Juan Maria Bordaberry Dies
?Latin America (Click here for more)
?12/21/2011?? Latin America Economy to Grow 3.7% in 2012, UN Panel Says
?12/19/2011?? Another Strong Year for Latin American Exports
?12/12/2011?? Pope to Visit Cuba and Mexico Before Holy Week
?12/6/2011?? Mesoamerican Leaders Call on U.S. to Reduce Drug Consumption
?12/5/2011?? Latin American Citizens Seek Greater Social Mobility, UN Official Says
?World (Click here for more)
?1/1/2012?? Hundreds of Police Patrolling Los Angeles After Another Night of Arson
?12/31/2011?? Los Angeles Cops Investigate Over 20 Fires in Last 48 Hours
?12/30/2011?? Farmworkers in El Paso Glum About 2012
?12/30/2011?? U.S. Government Creates Telephone Hotline for Detained Immigrants
?12/29/2011?? Hispanic Woman?s Letter Included on Book of Missives to Obama
?Business & Economy (Click here for more)
?12/31/2011?? Spain Opposition Calls Rajoy Austerity Package ?Unjust?
?12/30/2011?? Spain?s New Government Announces Tough Austerity Measures
?12/29/2011?? New U.S. Jobless Claims Rise

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