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[DOR] Battles and Missions

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The Battles and Missions of

Deities ? Rumble


      Check here frequently, because missions that your character has an opportunity to go on will be posted here. If they show up in a post here, then it is on the bulletin board inside the school's main building. These missions are never a lone-wolf thing, and as in the school rules, a teacher must also be present. Although it does not need to be one that knows how to fight, because the ones that don't are at least trained in driving around the jeep for transport and are a marksman with an elephant gun. Completing these missions will grant you strength, as they are usually quite trying to your person's health. It will also grant you popularity, and trust me, if you are not popular then things can get pretty tough for you at Karma High. A student may not go on a mission during the school week, so at most they have three and a half days to complete their mission.

      As for battles, if they so happen to be official, with a teacher present, they will be recorded here. If it shows up on a post here, then it is in the official records, and brings your character closer to the top, or further from it should they fail.

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      Spider Djinn
      Danger Level- low
      Known Locations- terrorizing a village to the east in between Bangladesh and Ghauhati

      The spider Djinn is calling herself Aradia, and though danger threat is low as far as we can tell, her intentions we know nothing about. In fact it seems as though she is simply trying to lure our attention. Well she has it and she will regret it. Give her Hell students of Karma High!~ Department of missions

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