Saturday, February 18, 2012

93% Chico & Rita

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By virtue of its simple, stylized look - bold lines and color blocks - and effervescent Cuban jazz score, the Spanish animated feature "Chico & Rita" rises above its routine story of a troubled love affair between talented musicians.

The real romance here is between the filmmakers and the cultural moment they hope to document.

"Chico and Rita'' beguiles first and foremost as a bebop romance that evokes a bygone era as well as, or maybe even better than, "The Artist."

This sexy, pulpy, very grown-up film is not your usual best animated feature material.

A dazzling and delightful work of modernist animation, a classic movie romance and a hip-swinging, finger-popping tale of musical revolution...

Sexy, sweet and laced with a sadness at once specific to its place and time and accessible to anyone with a breakable heart, "Chico & Rita" is an animated valentine to Cuba and its music.

Sweet but mature animated love story is aimed at grown-ups.

It works best as an evocative tribute of sorts to a specific musical time and place.

An animated delight for grown-up eyes and ears, besides being a sexy romance and a luscious tribute to a great musician [with] Bebo Vald?s's authentic Latin jazz score.

There's an outline of an epic love story here, but the screenwriters never bother to fill it in all the way.

The film melds dazzling visuals and a wildly infectious score into a simple yet affecting love story.

It's the grown-up choice to win this year's Oscar for animated feature.

The hand-drawn, watercolor-style animation is a natural fit for the story, with its retro sensibility and timeless effect.

A Spanish animated film for adults that is a real crowd-pleaser.

This is the kind of sophisticated storytelling you rarely get even in live-action movies any more, full of unexpected turns and unruly human complications.

A heady wonder for fans of the music, the era, or visual creative art in general.

An incredibly beautiful story that uses animation to truly push boundaries in what types of stories can be told in the format.

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